CARVER Silver 7 Monoblock ULTRA Tube Set Genalex KT88

CARVER Silver 7 Monoblock ULTRA Tube Set Genalex KT88

CARVER Silver 7 Monoblock ULTRA Tube Set Genalex KT88
CARVER Silver 7 Monoblock ULTRA Tube Set Genalex KT88. ULTRA Tube Set - Best sounding featuring top-of-the-line Genalex tubes. Our very best sounding tube set using Genalex KT88 power amp tubes and EHX gold pin 12BH7 and USA 12BY7/A preamp tubes hand selected and computer matched for rich and creamy tones. Adjustable - set as needed. KT88 (1) - Genalex voltage regulator use. 12BH7GP (3) - EHX Gold Pin with balanced sections. Total Tubes in this set. In 1957 Marconi-Osram Valve Co. (Genalex) introduced the "King of Power Tubes", the legendary Gold Lion KT88. This tube became the heart and soul of such classics as the Dynaco Mark III, McIntosh MC275, and Marshall Major. Unfortunately, Genalex ceased tube production in the early 1980s and the Genalex Gold Lion KT88 has become very expensive and hard to find. After extensive research and engineering, New Sensor Corp. Has reissued the famed Genalex Gold Lion KT88.

This tube has been recreated down to the finest detail with gold plated grid wire, carbonized screen grids, and a tri-alloy clad plate structure for exceptional performance and sound quality. This tube is the gold plated pin version of the classic NOS 12BH7 and features long life, low noise and full voltage capacity. Great for all replacements of 12BH7 or 12BH7/A tubes in guitar and audio amps.

We especially like the higher quality gold pin version for use in high end audio amps that need great preamp tubes for ultra high sound quality. We also match the sections to within 5% of each other so that stereo driver tubes (like Mac 225) have equal sound to each channel. Need a different configuration of tubes or different brands? To see what our customers think about our tube sets.

Captain Bobs Electronic Emporium specializes in Analog/Digital Audio Systems, vacuum tube sets and electronic components for many Audio and Radio Frequency (RF) applications including vintage guitar, organ and harp amplifiers, sound effects, mono and stereo HIFI, pro audio, and ham radio. Our pre-packaged PREMIUM and ULTRA vacuum tube sets use a combination of vintage tubes from the 1940s to new tubes of the present. All of our tubes are tested, matched when necessary and carefully placed into custom tube sets for our customers at everyday affordable prices.

We are an authorized dealer for Electro Harmonix, Tungsol, Mullard, Genalex, Sovtek, and Svetlana products and also supply Valve Art, JJ/Tesla, Ruby and USA NOS tubes for many analog applications. We work hard to establish product quality and value and get the products to you as quickly as possible. We appreciate your business and feedback as it helps us grow to serve you better with new products, better services and great values. WE DO NOT knowingly infringe on others established intellectual property rights. HI FI Amp Tube Sets.

Other Guitar Amp Tube Sets. ULTRA Tubes Sets - Our Best! We do NOT declare custom's values less than the listing amount!

ULTRA Tube Sets - Our Best! Recycle Your Tubes for Cash. Hammond Organ Amp Cross Reference. Captain Bobs Electronic Emporium warrants against DOA (dead-on-arrival) or differences between an item description (exclusive of illustrative pictures) and the items received. In transit back to us with a copy of the invoice within 7 days of your receipt of the item.

Due to the many variations in circuit components including the condition and aging of capacitors, resistors, etc, we can not guarantee how a particular tube will sound in your equipment compared to your current tubes. Our tube set configurations are based upon customer feedback of tubes that sound good and are the most popular for the amp/preamp/radio. Due to differences in vintage tube gear we can not guarantee that the tubes will test the same in your tube tester or will meet the specifications of your particular equipment or are fit for a particular application. We DO NOT WARRANT the operation of our tubes in defective amplifiers or electronic equipment! Make sure your amplifier/electronic equipment is operational before you plug in new tubes (from us or any other vendor). If you are not sure, take your equipment to a qualified technician who can install our tubes correctly. We cringe just thinking about our great customers throwing away their old tubes which end up in the local dump. Many times the old tubes have hours of good life and great tunes left in them for people to enjoy. We test and recycle them to new customers at great prices, and the planet has a few less pieces of glass and metal buried for hundreds of years!

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CARVER Silver 7 Monoblock ULTRA Tube Set Genalex KT88