Vintage Date 2 Matched 12ax7lps Ecc83 Tube-best I've Heard-no Kidding. Lo Noise

Vintage Date 2 Matched 12ax7lps Ecc83 Tube-best I've Heard-no Kidding. Lo Noise

Vintage Date 2 Matched 12ax7lps Ecc83 Tube-best I've Heard-no Kidding. Lo Noise
Thanks to you for your continuing support! THIS AUCTON IS FOR A MATCHED PAIR OF VINTAGE DATE 12AX7LPS TUBES. SOME SINGLES, MATCHED AND BALANCED PAIRS, BALANCED SINGLES, (and possibly) MATCHED QUADS, MATCHED SEXTETS AND A MATCHED OCTET MAY POSSIBLY BE AVAILABLE. Gm READINGS WILL BE ON EACH TUBE BOX. Please read my feedback as well as comments from other customers below, before you rush to any judgements about me or the following statement. THIS PARTICULAR BATCH OF THESE SOVTEK 12AX7LPS TUBES SOUND BETTER THAN ANY OTHER 12AX7 TUBE THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD. IN A NUTSHELL, HERE IS THE STORY ON THESE PARTICULAR TUBES. 1 These tubes were offered to me in a bulk nested lot, with no boxes, by one of my suppliers. 2 When these arrived, I noticed that these were not newly made but rather the date codes indicated manufacture in late 2002 and early 2003. I recently was fortunate to get two other batches of these tubes with 1999 and 2001 date codes that are equally good. NOTE to read date codes on these Sovtek tubes: The first number on these tubes is the year of manufacture, and the second number is the month of manufacture. 3 Two audiophile friends and I tested these at first in a single-ended system which is very revealing. All three of us were blown away by the combination of musicality and transparency combined with a "punch" and very tight bass which is rarely... 4 These were then tested in a pair of new TAD mono-block amps and again, the sonic results were astounding.

These sounded better than any other 12AX7 tubes we tried including Vintage NOS European 12AX7 ECC 83 tubes. 5 I then tested these in my own pair of vintage Mcintosh MC60 amps. Again, I was blown away by the improvements offered by these tubes over any other 12AX7s that I have ever used including vintage NOS Tele 12AX7s and vintage NOS Mullard 12AX7s.

6 By now, my curiosity was really awakened, so I tried these in several vintage Fender Blackface amps in my own collection. I tested these in a 1960s Blackface Super Reverb and in a 1960s Blackface Vibrolux Reverb. And again, absoutely sonically wonderful. In conclusion, I can say that these particular RIBBED-PLATE tubes sound better to me, (and my two friends) than any other 12AX7 that we have ever used in both audiophile equipment and in my vintage Fender amps.

And this includes American made NOS tubes and expensive NOS vintage European tubes. Now obviously there is no way that I can say for certain that you will like these as much as we did, but the above statements are all absolutely true.

I CAN NOW ALSO PROVIDE MATCHED SETS, BALANCED TUBES, MATCHED AND BALANCED SETS, AND INDIVIDUAL TUBES. Please look at my feedback. And now the emails are starting to really come in... I wanted to drop you a note to let you know the pair of tubes you sent are totally righteous.

I had factory installed tungsol tubes in my preamp and the difference with your tubes is like comparing night to day, It sounds like I bought a new preamp. Your tubes sound outstanding with more clarity, detail and depth of sound. I can't wait until they burn in.

I will be back for another set to replace a pair of Golden Lion reissues in my DAC. I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion of these tubes.

They improve the overall articulation of the music, and I noticed some quiet background detail on recordings that didn't stand out as much previously. Were you able to locate a 6E2 or EM 87? Audiophile Johan Valenteijn of The Netherlands emailed these comments after receiving these tubes from me.

I put your two NOS Sovtek ECC83 12AX7LPS tubes together with two of your tube dampers per tube in my outstanding power-amp Llano Trinity 200 (USA handbuild). As a matter of fact, they outclassed the two Telefunkens I used before.

With kind regards, Johan Valenteijn, The Netherlands. Of Miami who after carefully evaluating these tubes had this to say. Sandy, You've done it again!

Thank you for letting me know about the "special run" older date-coded Sovtek 12. In my TAD-1000 system they are magnificent. In my system, they opened up the soundstage even beyond the Gold Pins.

I first used them in my amp, but after hearing the change they made I used up all you sent me in my McIntosh C20 preamp. I see too much nonsense, and often combinations of carefully selected components can make magic. Nevertheless in MY SYSTEM, these Sovtek 12AX7LPS tubes are it! How you can uncover these gems is beyond me, but thank you for it... Keep up the great work. You are saving me from a lot of expensive trial and error. "If I was to make an overall comment on the audio quality of these tubes, I would say that the "blackness or low noise level and neutrality is absolutely outstanding.

This quaility is key to the fantastic sounstage and musicality as well as the transparency of these tubes. I believe that I would agree with you, that these are the best sounding tubes I have ever used in my PAS3! One of my good customers in Hong Kong writes. I actually had heard of these early-run 12AX7LPS tubes before this, but I thought this was a legend and I certainly never thought any of these would be available. Maybe you can list 30 at a time in the future?

Guitarist Bill Owens had this to say. The 12AX7 LPS tubes arrived in 2 days. I installed them in our vintage Blackface amps and the clarity and sustain is awesome! You might be interested to know that these ARE different than the Sovtek 12AX7 LPS tubes you get today.

I know because I have used the current 12AX7 LPS tubes and these are most definitely different! I can't wait to start recording our new CD tracks with these tubes! This is like finding a supply of NOS PAF pickups that were hidden away for years! Bill Owens, Los Angeles, CA. WE GUARANTEE ALL OF OUR TUBES ARE GENUINE, PLEASE CHECK OUR FEEDBACK.

VINTAGE MATCHED PAIR OF BRAND NEW OLD STOCK Sovtek 12AX7LPS TUBES. These tubes are from a bulk-pack and will be supplied to you in white boxs. If you need more than one matched pair, just contact me an I may be able to even supply Balanced and Matched sets. These tubes are brand new old stock (from 1999, 2002 and 2003) and are supplied in white boxes. After many emails back and forth during several weeks, the item always shows up.

This delay is not caused by us and even though we would love to help, there is truly NOTHING we can do about it. Other sellers are simply refusing to sell to. We do not want to do that, although we will be forced to if there are consistent problems.

We sell many items to customers in. We love our many friends and customers in. Thank you for your understanding! Thanks and Good Luck to all!

Vintage Date 2 Matched 12ax7lps Ecc83 Tube-best I've Heard-no Kidding. Lo Noise